My fitness journey started 10 years ago, after the birth of my son. Like many other new moms,  I found myself struggling to get my body back. I was always exhausted, sleep deprived, cranky and self-conscious. Overall, I was just not in a good place physically or spiritually.


That's when a friend introduced me to BeachBody and the plethora of awesome, quality methods designed by encouraging, smart and educated trainers from all different points in the fitness industry. I fell in love with so many great programs they offered.  I had always been an active person prior to, but I never really made working out a priority.


I very soon become hooked on that wonderful feeling that you get after a killer workout and that extra energy boost I was getting from my regular workouts. Best of all, I was feeling better about myself.  I found myself looking forward to working out every day. It was my time! I even enjoyed talking about working out so much that I got certified and started training. From there I was what you would call a fitness junkie. Seeking out and trying all kinds of different methods and classes. Searching for the one, my soul mate workout. You name it and I have tried it.


Then I stumbled upon Lagree fitness. I was given the opportunity to manage a Lagree studio and to teach for almost 3 years in South. FL.  My ideas and thoughts changed and evolved after discovering and truly experiencing this method. It gave me such an awesome platform to explore and really understand what it takes to transform the muscles in our bodies. Knowing that Lagree Fitness stemmed from pilates that alone encouraged me to dig a little deeper into understanding the principles of Pilates.


Pilates is transformational, it goes back to the basics and really opens you up all the way around, it's incredible what pilates can do for anyone and everyone.  I can not wait for so many new people to discover the power and life-changing benefits that Pilates reformer training has to offer! No matter what a persons fitness level is they can benefit from regular pilates session and see impressive results in a matter of weeks. "

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