Studio Policies &

Frequently Asked Questions

First Timers


  • If you are attending your first class with Pulse Pilates please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start time. We will need you to fill out new client forms + we appreciate you telling us of any injuries you might have, that way we can be sure to remain aware of them.

  • Your instructor will go over the machine with you prior to class.

  • See below about grip socks...



  • Active members, we recommend that you arrive 5 minutes prior to class starting so that you are aware of what to expect during your session. Your instructor will go over each workout briefly before starting class. 


  • If you arrive 10 minutes or later to class we will ask you to please reschedule.


  • You may bring water bottles to class and towels

  • If For some reason you may exit a class early please notify the instructor prior to at all possible, If you must leave because of an emergency please do so quietly without disturbing the session in process.



Grip Socks


  • Grip socks are recommended for hygienic and safety purposes. We have several types in the studio for you to purchase.


  • You can also purchase these on your own from several retailers such as
    Wal-Mart, Target,, TJ Maxx, Amazon, etc.



  • Every class on our schedule has the option of a waitlist for two potential spots if the class is fully booked.


  • Simply select the full class you are interested in, if someone cancels out you will be notified. You can then add yourself to the class.

  • If no response is made within a reasonable time from the 1st eligible client on the waitlist, we will then move to the 2nd client in line. 


Cancellation Policy


  • If you need to cancel your class reservation for any reason, we ask that you do so within 12 hours.


  • Cancellations made inside the 12-hour window + clients who do not show up for their classes will be charged a non-refundable $20.00 fee.  

  • If there is not a valid c.c. on file for the cancelation fee to be charged your account will be immediately put on hold and you will not be able to resume taking classes until the fee has been satisfied.  Annual members and Vip Members must always keep a valid c.c. on file for any late cancellations or no shows that may transpire while holding a membership with us. If the account is found without an active c.c. on file, it will then be placed on hold and no reservations will be able to be made until the account is updated. 



Class Packs + Expiration Dates






                                                  10 CLASS PACK $250.00 = $25.50 per class                                               

*3 month expiration date



Take 100 classes at Pulse Pilates & you become eligible for savings & booking convenience- ensuring you always get your spot in class


VIP UNLIMITED=  $280 per month 

* 5-month minimum commitment 

*A valid c.c. must stay on file at all times or your account will be put on hold until the info is updated. 


  • All class packs have expiration dates,

  • All classes must be used within the stated expiration dates for each class pack. 

  • There are no refunds for unused classes

Canceled Class Notifications


  • If in the event we must cancel a class or a series of classes for impending bad weather or in case of an emergency, we will notify in several ways:


  1.    We will send a text message to the phone number on file.
    (Please make sure your contact info is correct in the system for this purpose.) 


  2.    We will also send out an email.

  3.    We will post on all of our social media platforms.


*General Rule of Thumb: If the schools are closed, we likely will be too!

If we foresee a multi-day weather closure we will notify all scheduled clients immediately.

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